Buckle up or face $600 fine and four demerit points

A WOMAN who left her car unlocked for a few minutes while she used a public toilet in Duidgee Park last month returned to find her mobile phone and credit card stolen from the vehicle’s front console.
The stolen credit card was later used at the Shell service station at the corner of Stirling Terrace and Goomalling Road, and then twice in Northam.Sgt Roy George – Toodyay’s acting police chief while Sgt Warren Conder is on leave – said two male offenders were spotted on CCTV video footage.
“We have clear pictures of their faces and are continuing to make inquiries,” Sgt George said.
“We’d also like to hear from anyone who may have seen the incident or knows anything about it.”
Sgt George said it was a timely reminder that motorists should lock their vehicles at all times when leaving them unattended and not to leave valuable property visible, such as on seats or dashboards.

Belt up or cough up

TOODYAY police have spent recent weeks focussing on local daily patrols targeting speeding, failure to wear seatbelts and use of hand-held mobile phones while driving.
“Seatbelts should always be fastened before driving off,” Sgt George said.
“Some people think it’s OK to drive off first and then buckle up.
“It cost one motorist who gave that excuse a $600 fine and four demerit points.”
Sgt George said drivers could also be fined and lose points if a passenger in their vehicle is not wearing a seatbelt.
“It’s the driver’s responsibility to always check before moving off,” Sgt George said.
“We had a case in Stirling Terrace last month when a motorist was fined $600 and issued four demerit points because their passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.”

Walk-in jewellery heist

GOLD rings, gem stones, two wristwatches and a motorcycle helmet were stolen from a house in Clackline Road, Toodyay, after the occupant left a back door unlocked while away from the property.
The robbery occurred between 6am and 1.30pm on Friday October 6.
Police are seeking help from anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in the area at the time or has information that may help trace the stolen items.

Costly corner

POLICE are following up on local residents’ concerns about motorists who ignore two ‘no entry’ signs in Rosedale Street, which ends in a cul-de-sac with a narrow one-way entry from Fiennes Street.
A driver who entered Rosedale Street correctly from Fiennes Street reported that he nearly had a head-on crash with a motorist exiting illegally the other way.
The one-way route is often used by local traffic as a short cut between Anzac Avenue and Fiennes Street.
“Ignoring a ‘no-entry’ sign is a traffic offence that carries a $300 fine with three demerit points,” Sgt George said.
“Nearby residents have asked us to issue a public warning in this column to alert errant motorists that what they are doing is dangerous and illegal.

“If we hear that these offences are continuing, local police will start patrolling the area more closely and issuing offenders with on-the-spot fines for $300.”

Town video security boost

A NEW closed circuit video security camera has been installed in Stirling Terrace as part of a major security upgrade for Toodyay.
Live video from the shire-owned cameras are monitored on a display screen inside Toodyay Police Station and recordings can be used to trace offenders and identify vehicles and their owners when offences are committed.
More cameras are expected to be installed at strategic locations in coming months.
The new high-definition cameras are designed to use number-plate recognition technology to further help police investigations.

Vandals wreck toilets

VANDALS damaged public toilets at Pelham Reserve on Friday October 6.
Sgt George said seat covers were ripped off and damaged, and some were missing.
Police inquiries are continuing.

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