Police clock riders at 157km/h - impound bikes



With Acting Sgt

Geoff Butler

Toodyay Police Station

A BUSY Easter period for local police saw two motorcycles impounded for 28 days after their riders were clocked at 157km/h on Toodyay Road.
Both riders have been charged with reckless driving and could face fines of $1500 each with similar storage fees. 

“Speeding motorcycles are at the top of the list of locals’ complaints about dangerous road users,” Acting Sgt Butler said. “Drivers overtaking on double-white lines are another regular concern.”

Two people were charged with drug possession during the Easter long weekend. Ten people were caught speeding, four charged with driving without a licence and there were three unlicensed vehicles stopped. 

Twenty-one cautions were issued for minor traffic offences. 

But drivers won general police approval in the random breath test results. 

In operations on Stirling Terrace and Toodyay Road, 180 drivers were breath tested and no drink-driving charges were laid. One person was taken back to the station for an evidentiary test and returned a negative result. 

“The ‘I’ll be all right to drive’ afternoon at the pub attitude is becoming less prevalent,” Acting Sgt Butler said.

“Motorists can take a bow for that but there is no room for complacency.” 

Information provided by the public has enabled police to maintain pressure on local drug offenders.

“With quality information coming in we have been able to increase our focus and take measures to detect and reduce crime within Toodyay,” Acting Sgt Butler said. 

“Firearms continue to be a concern. We will be conducting cabinet inspections on all licensed firearms to ensure compliance.” 

There are rules and regulations covering the safe storage of firearms which can found on the WA Police website.
Police advise owners to think carefully about where they place their firearms safes. Do not put them in an obvious location where they can be easily identified. 

A security alarm for the storage area is recommended. 

Another point to remember is that you may not always receive a renewal notice for your firearms licence, but it remains your responsibility to ensure your licence is current and valid.

If you believe you have not received a renewal or there is an issue with your licence, contact Police Licensing or Toodyay Police who will point you in the right direction. 

Homeowners are reminded to secure their properties. 

An individual recently said: “I don’t need keys, my doors are always unlocked, I live in Toodyay.” 

Police warn that is a high-risk attitude. “One determined thief could make quite a living in this town if everyone thought like that,” Acting Sgt Butler said. 

“Without securing your premises it makes your property an easy target for an opportunistic thief. 

“Locking doors and windows is basic stuff. Security cameras are recommended for around the home, covering points of entry. 

“Dash cameras are quick and easy to install and can provide clear evidence against lawbreakers.” 

Toodyay Police also had the privilege of marching in the local Anzac Day parade and are pleased to report that everyone was orderly and respectful on this day of remembrance.

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