New dynamic

CONGRATULATIONS to the two new councillors elected in the recently held local government council elections.
While I am perhaps a bit biased having acted as Di Granger’s campaign manager, I see both councillors (Granger and Bell) bringing a new dynamic to council debate through simply being new to town and relying on their experience around policy, procedure and process to deliver good decisions.


Frightening risk

With new faces on the Toodyay Shire Council and at least four councillors who oppose the proposed bauxite mine near Morangup, I hope the council will be looking seriously at the concerns expressed in the submissions received about the Draft Local Planning Strategy that was available for comment until November 3.


Goodbye and thanks

Recently someone said they didn’t believe in volunteering because no-one appreciated what you do, in a short time you are forgotten and who helps when you need it?

After 20 years of volunteering in Toodyay I have only this to say– who cares?


Garbage warning

I WAS the General Superintendent of the Hamilton Bermuda Corporation for many years.
Garbage disposal is a world-wide problem.


Coming Events

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Toodyay's radio station 'the heartbeat of the community' now on air.
Now open - cut out your coupon for free coffee and cake
Now open Saturdays from 9am to noon. 9574 5055.
Toodyay Miniature Railway
1st and 3rd Sundays. 9574 4462. 
Wednesdays 4pm, Fridays 9am. 9574 4184
From Saturday, October 28, 4-6pm. Artists Revolution, 226 Fitzgerald Street, Northam.
November 30 - Darlington, November 28, Glen Forrest. 9298 9100
Friday November 10, Bookings 9574 6255
Wednesday, 22 November at 5.30pm for AGM and 6pm for Festivities, Coorinja Winery
Saturday, November 25. 0428 957 600 or 6574 2390
Tuesday, November 20 from 10am to noon at Freemasons Hotel. Helen Shanks 0419 580 016.
Friday, December 1, 2017 from 6.30pm
Sunday, December 3 from 9.30-noon. Swan Park Theatre, Midvale. 9574 4459



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