Devastating dog attack

WHAT WAS your dog doing on Tuesday night, February 14? 

Did your dog come home covered in blood? Was it carrying any injuries? 


Stray cat local law required

THE PROBLEM of local stray pet and feral cats was again highlighted last month when I received a call-out to a juvenile Goulds Monitor (Varanus gouldii) that had been attacked by a cat and left with blood and puncture wounds on its body. 


Shire 'double dips' on rates

I READ WITH interest that on January 16 this year the Shire of Toodyay refunded $3253.34 to “Yamkuang” Resources for lot E70/03730 Tenement Road which was noted in a list of payments presented to last month’s council meeting.


Native clearing response

THERE IS A SAYING that the truth should not get in the way of a good story, and that is exactly the issue with a letter about native bush clearing in Dewars Pool that Toodyay Naturalists Club President Brian Foley wrote in last month’s Herald.


Extent of clearing questioned

I WROTE a letter last month about what I considered illegal clearing of native vegetation at Dudley Chitty Reserve in


Chitty Reserve wash-out

I FELT SAD to read a letter of complaint in last month’s Herald about land clearing in Dudley Chitty Reserve at Dewars Pool.

The clearing was done to create a badly needed firebreak and to allow an adjoining land owner to erect a stock-proof fence.


Land clearing needed

IN REGARD to the clearing of land on the Dudley Chitty Reserve at Dewars Pool to make a firebreak and also enable the rebuilding of a fence on private land. 

As a person who once owned a farm in this area, I for one feel it has been a good thing.


A flood of friendship

NOW THAT work has started on the new aged-care units in Anzac Avenue for our precious people of Toodyay, there are so many stories that can be shared with others.


136 years of friendships

WE WISH to thank all of our wonderful family and friends for their love, support and friendship over the years.


Samaritans save the day

WITH ALL the stories of road rage and driver selfishness we are bombarded with in the media, it was heartening to have a positive experience recently in Toodyay. 


Coming Events

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Emergency WA - Smoke and other Alerts
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Open Day - Saturday, March 25, 9am - 3pm. Melinda 0438 925 624
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Triumph Rider World Record Bid
April 1-2, York. Lorin Sole, triumphriderswa@gmail.com
Mobile Library, Wooroloo Hall
Mundaring Public Library at Wooroloo Hall
Tuesday, April 4, 9-11am. Contact Jenny – 9290 6780
Saturday, April 8, Town Oval from 9am. See advert March issue
Anzac Day Parade
April 25. 6am Dawn Service, followed by breakfast, march and Service at 11am
Shire Art Exhibition
Sunday, April 30, Wicklow Shearing Shed 10am-3.30pm
Moondyne Festival
Sunday, May 7. Jas 0412 710 253 or
moondynecommittee@ gmail.com.au.



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